Multinational markets and business communication / Marketing communications

Multinational markets and business communication

Will provide knowledge and practical skills necessary for a successful career in multinational corporations.
The International Business and Communication Programme has been designed by taking account of global business trends such as globalisation, multicultural character of business teams, importance of communication within and outside the company. Broad thinking is one of the most desired features of a specialist or manager in the business market of today. Upon completion of the International Business and Communication Programme, students will have a strong understanding of international business functions and will have acquired personal and business communicational skills as well as managerial competences required in a global company. Thanks to its multinational character, the Programme will provide an opportunity to meet people of different cultures, improve skills of foreign languages, and acquire essential skills and competences necessary for working in a modern global community.

Distinctiveness of the Programme:
  • Unique programme in Lithuania, efficiently combining subjects of international management and communication;
  • Possible specialisations – practical issues in communication, different geographical markets or practical issues in international business;
  • Intensive study programme in the English language, leading to a bachelor diploma in 3.5 years, giving the priority access to the labour market and the possibility to start gaining experience sooner and building career faster;
  • One mandatory semester of exchange in one of the partner institutions or international practice.
  • Students will turn into professional and versatile managers and specialists capable of working in a dynamic multinational environment;
  • Career in multinational companies in marketing, communications, public relations, sales, personnel management or accounting positions.

While studying in this study programme, You can go to these universities with double degree programme:

About the programme - its creators:

Prof. dr. Vilte Auruškevičienė:
International Business and Communication is a programme that provides a perfect opportunity for young people who pursue a career in a multinational company.

Studies under this Programme will give students high-level international business knowledge and foster their communicational skills necessary in order to integrate successfully into business teams of different cultures and to work in a global environment. The Programme employs widely the case study technique, while students’ project activities and practice in multinational business companies will provide an opportunity to see business in reality and to learn to apply theoretic knowledge in practice.

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