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Marketing Communications messages

From the corner flower shop to international chains that want a consistent brand standard, we have worked with every type of company for nearly twenty years.
We now work in all fifty states and in over thirty five countries. Over time; we have created an affordable, effective program that allows us to work with each company to create a unique telephone on hold message. We will walk you through each step of the process.

“Silence on hold” is no longer acceptable. Music On Hold is better than silence but We believe that you should demand more. We believe that speaking to your callers while on hold is a great opportunity to sell additional products and services, enhance your branding efforts, offer a more professional image and provide helpful information to your callers. For almost twenty years On Hold Marketing & Communications has worked with clients to create professional messaging. Our proven formula is outlined below.

Step 1: Marketing Consultation – Face to Face Meeting

No forms or questionnaires to fill out. Every script we write is one of a kind. That is because our seasoned marketing professional will interview you, in detail, to learn about your marketing needs and inform you on the “best practices” for using On-Hold Marketing in your specific industry. We take the work out of your hands!

Step 2: Scriptwriting

Our team of seasoned writers understand industry-specific writing. We also understand that no two companies are exactly alike. That is why we take so much time to interview your company to become knowledgeable about your marketing priorities and best features. We will review your marketing material, website and social media so we can represent and enhance your existing brand.

Step 3: Voice Talents and Background Music

We offer many professional voice talents and our industry’s largest library of licensed background music. Visit our “voice and music” selection page to evaluate our voice talents and music either separately or together. Our on line “On Hold Mixer” allows you to listen to your favorite voice talent while testing music backgrounds.

On Hold’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You have approved the writing, the voice and the music. However when you hear your recording, something isn’t right. If you are not completely satisfied – for whatever reason – let us know within 5 business days, and we will re-do your production for you. On Hold Marketing is a very creative process. We always stand by our work and we want you to be thrilled with your production.

Step 4: Equipment, Installation and Warranty

We coordinate installation for our state of the art equipment and provide a warranty. Our USB technology allows us to email your updated recordings. Save the recordings to the memory stick and you are all set to go. As long as you are an active customer, we will replace equipment if there are any mechanical or sound quality issues.

Our single location companies most often utilize the Premier USB 1200 unit. If your company has 5 or more locations, you may want to consider utilizing the On Hold Premier 7600 Hybrid. For more information regarding our available equipment options visit our On Hold Marketing Equipment page.

*If you already have On Hold Marketing equipment or utilize a VOIP system that has built in MOH capability, we can deliver your recording in any format you need.

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Whether it's writing speeches for the CEO or the annual report or press releases about the company's latest product/service/problem, you need to be able to suss out what the message is and then be able to translate it into terms that people outside the company will understand. This requires both exceptional listening skills and outstanding writing skills.

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