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Marketing and Communications Plans for companies

Social media’s growth has also inspired for-profits and non-profits to reallocate their marketing budgets. Beyond traditional marketing tools such as display advertising, direct mail, tradeshows and public relations, companies are now budgeting for community managers, social media contests, Facebook and LinkedIn ads, and the list goes on.

How do you use social media for your PR efforts?

Most often, we use social media to support integrated communications campaigns. Social media may serve as the conduit for getting out an online petition, sharing updates from hearings and press conferences, or aggregating questions from those in the community who can’t attend a workshop or press conference but still want to ask questions. In some instances, we use clients’ online communities as focus groups to get feedback on everything from currents products and services to the type of content they want to the organization to share through its social media platforms.

In some instances, we have also transitioned media relations efforts on behalf of our clients onto social media. We encourage clients to follow and interact with relevant media through Twitter and to use social media as a tool for building relationships with reporters. As practitioners, we do the same.

What are some examples of how social media has helped you meet client goals?

In 2011, our agency was tasked with helping to get a vote passed by county legislature. The vote had been a topic of conversation for a decade and was split every time. We needed to engage an entire county in advocating for the vote to get passed. While we employed an aggressive media relations strategy, email marketing and limited advertising, social media allowed us to reach new audiences with timely, shareable content. The Facebook Cause, Twitter marketing and an associated online petition were key to getting more eyeballs on our content. It also gave us access to residents who were well-known in both their real life and online communities. Getting these individuals to help spread the word was invaluable. In 90-days, we were able to generate the most letters of support on an issue that the legislature had ever received. We couldn’t have done it without social media.

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