Marketing and Communications plan Template / Marketing communications

Marketing and Communications plan Template

Could also be called a Digital Strategy Planning Template. It’s a tool that helps you make the most of the web. It will help you define your buyers, what digital marketing tactics to use and the best way to communicate online.

How to fill in your Web Strategy Planning Template

Download it, then sit down with your team & work through the with your e-book as your guide!

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Vivienne Storey

General Manager, BlandsLaw

“If you’re looking for a guide on how to approach online communications, there is no better tool than Bluewire Media’s Web Strategy Planning Template.Jonathan Crossfield It’s straight forward and comprehensive making it a really useful tool that cuts through the huge amounts of information you would otherwise need to sift through. Great stuff!”

Blake Burningham

Marketing Manager, TAFE Sydney Institute

“I think Bluewire Media have created a great tool that supports the development and implementation of online communications. It’s free, easy to use and definitely worth checking out. The fact that this web strategy template has been co-developed with David Meerman Scott (a leader in real-time marketing) should be testament enough.”

Anne SorrensonJonathan Crossfield

Community Manager, Ninefold

“Having worked with Bluewire and being a fan of David Meerman Scott, I was extremely interested in this strategy planning template. It helps anyone easily distill down to the basics they need to do to launch an effective online strategy; no mess, no guessing.”

Anne Sorensen

Director, Marketing Is Us

“If a strategy is like a road map – then this is a great tool to help you navigate your way online. The template steps you through all the key questions in developing your online marketing strategy – from describing your buyer, your company’s personality which refines your tone and messages, to the keywords your buyers are typing into Google. Concise yet comprehensive .. I highly recommend it! A great strategic tool. Thanks guys!”

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