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Generate valuable contentIf you’re a marketing and communications agency, how confident are you that your own online marketing is top notch?

A new piece of research by Hinge Marketing shows that some marketing and communications firms are not necessarily marketing themselves as well as they could be to generate qualified leads and increase profitability.

Hinge surveyed 500 firms, of which 80 were marketing and communications agencies with on average 15 employees and an annual revenue of just under $3m.

They compared the performance of marketing and communications firms with all professional services firms.

Marketing and communications firms came out top for generating leads online, a characteristic of firms that grow faster and are more profitable.

But, surprisingly, some of the marketing and communications firms did not grow as fast as other professional services firms. And they were just below average for profitability.

A Lack of Investment in Content and SEO?

What’s the reason? Here’s what Hinge concludes:

While we don’t have enough data to provide a definitive answer, our findings do offer a few clues.

For instance, while Marketing/Communications firms use email marketing, LinkedIn and web analytics at rates similar to high growth companies, they do so without the investment in content that make those vehicles so powerful.

Marketing/Communications firms lag in writing blogs, articles and ebooks. And they invest less in search engine optimization.

These elements are the fuel that drive leads. By refocusing on the right tools, the Marketing/Communications industry may be able to raise its game and pull in more qualified, higher-value leads.

As someone who lives and breathes content, I was surprised to hear that marketing and communications agencies don’t always appreciate the need to provide a fresh stream of quality content to educate, inform and entertain.

The Basics of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

Liz: What should marketing and communications firms focus on first?

Lee: Have a clear understanding of who your target client is. An online strategy that is not well targeted is not likely to succeed.

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What exactly is marketing communications?

by solluna2

And how come most of the firms are in LA or NY, but not here in San Francisco? Another reason why I feel that I should move from the Bay Area is because it might be better to go to school in LA, NY or other American cities that are media production hubs (or will be in the next few years).
I spoke with my friends who are recent graduates from San Francisco State's BECA program, and they tell me that only TV news stations are interested in hiring them. What the hell? I thought broadcast TV was one of those fields that could be applied to a variety of industries, such as the media development for a corporation or the music video industry.

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