Interactive marketing communication platform / Marketing communications

Interactive marketing communication platform

The Content Capsule is a digital content marketing/communications platform that packages videos, photos, interactive images, press releases, presentations, documents, and links to social media networks, websites and transactions into one highly sharable unit.

Content Capsules can be deployed across earned, owned and paid media on all online and mobile platforms. These highly interactive and sharable content marketing tools can deliver engagement rates 5 to 20 times that of non-interactive video.

The Content Capsule is designed to move an information seeking viewer toward a decision be it a purchase or some other desired action. It allows a viewer to interact with a product, service or issue related content. It provides all of the content a viewer needs to make an informed decision and/or complete a transaction without leaving a client’s content.

All content in a Content Capsule can be updated while the Capsule is live in distribution across the entire digital ecosystem.

Content Capsules can also be easily customized with existing, and new content for internal communications, special audiences like medical professionals, and marketing audiences such as channel partners and retailers.

Image Capsules employ next generation interactive image technology to turn still images into interactive content marketing tools. Overlay technology allows placement of custom icons on digital images that, when hovered over, open windows to additional content. This can include videos, audio clips, other images, Facebook, Twitter, or links to other websites and transactions.

Image Capsules transform still images into dynamic surfaces for marketing, advertising, public relations, social media and e-commerce applications. They can be distributed and shared across earned, owned and paid media on all platforms and all devices.

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