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desktop-quizThe SnapComms internal marketing tools allow product marketers to dynamically interact with employees to build greater product awareness and knowledge and to effectively reinforce key propositions. A more effective sales force almost always results in increased sales and greater market share.

Innovative, attention grabbing channels

Internal Marketing Quiz Example

It is important to find new and innovative ways to deliver internal marketing campaigns if they are to have maximum impact with sales and support teams.

The SnapComms communication software allow product marketers to market to the sales teams via their computer screens with a range of attention grabbing channels including; interactive screensavers, desktop alerts, scrolling news feeds on computer screens, pop up staff quizzes and surveys, and employee discussion forums.

Internal Marketing by Desktop Ticker

internal-marketing-product-launchCreating interest and building anticipation

Internal Marketing by Interactive Screensaver

Prior to the formal launch of a new product, a succession of key messages and product themes can be delivered to targeted staff computer screens as a series of continually rotating screen savers. Screen savers can incorporate attention grabbing animation and flash to ensure that messages and themes come alive and are noticed.

Screen saver messages build employee awareness and ensure that sales teams are familiar with marketing campaigns and want to know They can click embedded links to visit access more information (on the intranet, web or company network).

Continual and persistent reinforcement

Screensaver Message Example

Following the formal launch of a product, interactive screen savers can promote and help staff find relevant information on the intranet or network. For example; presentations, manuals and brochure-ware.

By maintaining proactive marketing communications after a product launch, messages remain top-of-mind, and ensure that sales teams are sufficiently well briefed to engage the market with confidence.

internal-marketing-communications-example-2 internal-marketing-communications-example-1 product-knowledge-quiz internal-marketing-communications-plan

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The core focus of this Advertising and Marketing Communications Manager role will be to build awareness and familiarity with the brand across the UK through the development and implementation of an advertising and marketing communications strategy.

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