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What Makes Us Unique

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Welcome to ARTÉMIA Communications, Inc. Headquartered in San Francisco, at the intellectual heart of Silicon Valley, ARTÉMIA is a full-service integrated communications agency specializing in the utility, cleantech and sustainability, healthcare/healthcare IT, high tech, financial and government industries.

For almost 20 years, we have been helping dozens of companies from Fortune 100/500 to early-stage startups successfully capture, sustain and grow market share through innovative and intelligent outreach, marketing and promotion, with a particular emphasis on reaching women and diverse audiences.

Led by CEO Barbara Wichmann, ARTÉMIA provides our clients with global B2B and B2C expertise in all aspects of strategic communications, including content development, advertising, branding, design, and integrated marketing, as well as significant event planning and trade show logistics capabilities.

What Makes Us Unique

Sustainability and diversity are the very lifeblood of ARTÉMIA. This conscious choice reflects our company’s strategic mindset. We work tirelessly to find the right solution for our clients, not just the easiest.


At ARTÉMIA, we embrace diversity in all facets of our business. Our work and relationships with minority-owned businesses allows us to better understand all our clients’ needs and provide superior service.

Certifications and membershipsCertifications & Memberships

We are a certified women-owned business and also have hard-won and much coveted triple ISO certifications to prove our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Community Involvement

We have an active commitment to supporting the communities in which we are involved, which means specific program support through donations and volunteering efforts.


We’re proud to have a long history of working with many outstanding clients across a diverse range of industries.


A range of our current and former clients share their experiences of working with ARTÉMIA, and the results our solutions delivered.

Letter from Our CEO

ARTÉMIA CEO, Barbara Wichmann welcomes you to the company and imparts her vision of how sustainability and diversity can reap rewards for your business.

Diversity community-involvement Clients testimonials

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Pretty strong outlook

by Makevolente

The Los Angeles area has a very diversified economy, which makes it a lot less susceptible to the market swings of some other areas. Just about any industry you can imagine is in this area somewhere, and certain segments are experiencing very strong growth.
For marketing/communications in particular I can't really help you, but with the overall picture not too bad, I imagine marketing/communication are doing fair enough.
San Diego is having some severe governmental/budgetqry issues right now which could trickle down into its local economy, so you might want to be a bit more wary of moving there.

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