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Marketing Communications mix public relations

press release exampleLet's talk a little bit about the Public Relations (PR) function and how it should be a critical element in your marketing plan. We will also take a look at a few examples.

Public Relations, or PR, is the overall term for marketing activities that raise the public's consciousness about a product, service, individual or issue. In short, PR is the management of a company's public image that helps the public understand the company and its products.

Public relations is most effective when it is viewed as a strategic management function supporting the business goals of the organization. PR can use all the same communications tools as in other areas of marketing.

A healthy public relations strategy must permeate all aspects of the business. The PR mechanism itself exists in all organizations-whether formally managed or not.Brandweek Life the Human Spirit Every communication to the outside world (and even the world inside your organization!) creates an impression, causes an emotional reaction, or makes a statement about who you are and what values you hold dear. Managing those impressions, reactions, and statements should be taken seriously by operating within a carefully planned, executed, and measured PR strategy.

As the Marketing Plan comes from the Business Plan, so must a Public Relations Plan come from a strong Marketing Plan. Your Public Relations program should be planned, executed carefully, and measured to ensure success.

Publicity: An important part of PR

Feature articlePublicity also aims to create interest in a person, product, idea, organization, or business establishment generally through the generation and placement of favorable stories in the news media such as newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio.

Unlike advertising which relies on purchasing power to get a message across, publicity relies solely on the quality of content to persuade others to get the message out. Good publicity helps journalists find and report legitimate news that is important to their audience. Anyone can buy advertising space but not just anyone can earn the respect of media in order to establish an effective PR campaign.

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Notes on remarks heard at a 9-11 forum

by fwiw

In Chicago, "A Message of Freedom."
Newton Minow, prof. at Northwestern Univ. and a former executive of children's television, advocated that the US spend 1% of its military budget on communications, to broadcast to the Arab world America's message of freedom. He said (I'm paraphrasing) that America did a wonderful job of promoting Coca-cola and McDonalds hamburgers around the world, but it needed to improve on its marketing of its principles of freedom.
Ghada Talhami, a journalist, book author, professor of Politics, and also a Palestinian-American, responded by saying that there needs to be a DIALOGUE with the Arab world, not just a one way communication as Minow seemed to propose

Advertising Manager  —
The core focus of this Advertising and Marketing Communications Manager role will be to build awareness and familiarity with the brand across the UK through the development and implementation of an advertising and marketing communications strategy.

Smith & Milton boosts digital capabilities with digital creative director ..  — The Drum
Anderson added: “Ben's expertise will be vital to delivering to our clients' needs for a brand identity, marketing communications strategy or creative campaign, that remains consistent and equally compelling no matter which channel it is delivered ..