Marketing Communications mix Definition / Marketing communications

Marketing Communications mix Definition

Neil Borden in the year 1953 introduced the term Marketing mix, an extension of the work done by one of his associates James Culliton in 1948.

Marketing Mix - A mixture of several ideas and plans followed by a marketing representative to promote a particular product or brand is called marketing mix. Several concepts and ideas combined together to formulate final strategies helpful in making a brand popular amongst the masses form marketing mix.

Elements of Marketing Mix

The elements of marketing mix are often called the four P’s of marketing.

  1. Product

    Goods manufactured by organizations for the end-users are called products.

    Products can be of two types - Tangible Product and Intangible Product (Services)

    An individual can see, touch and feel tangible products as compared to intangible products.

    A product in a market place is something which a seller sells to the buyers in exchange of money.

  2. Price

    The money which a buyer pays for a product is called as price of the product. The price of a product is indirectly proportional to its availability in the market. Lesser its availability, more would be its price and vice a versa.

    Retail stores which stock unique products (not available at any other store) quote a higher price from the buyers.

  3. Place

    Place refers to the location where the products are available and can be sold or purchased. Buyers can purchase products either from physical markets or from virtual markets. In a physical market, buyers and sellers can physically meet and interact with each other whereas in a virtual market buyers and sellers meet through internet.

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Notes on remarks heard at a 9-11 forum

by fwiw

In Chicago, "A Message of Freedom."
Newton Minow, prof. at Northwestern Univ. and a former executive of children's television, advocated that the US spend 1% of its military budget on communications, to broadcast to the Arab world America's message of freedom. He said (I'm paraphrasing) that America did a wonderful job of promoting Coca-cola and McDonalds hamburgers around the world, but it needed to improve on its marketing of its principles of freedom.
Ghada Talhami, a journalist, book author, professor of Politics, and also a Palestinian-American, responded by saying that there needs to be a DIALOGUE with the Arab world, not just a one way communication as Minow seemed to propose

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Advertising Manager  —
The core focus of this Advertising and Marketing Communications Manager role will be to build awareness and familiarity with the brand across the UK through the development and implementation of an advertising and marketing communications strategy.

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Anderson added: “Ben's expertise will be vital to delivering to our clients' needs for a brand identity, marketing communications strategy or creative campaign, that remains consistent and equally compelling no matter which channel it is delivered ..