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MArketing communicAtions best PrActices

aria-do-not-replyWhen it comes to doing email right, there’s a lot to consider. And, whenever we’re analyzing emails for our email inspiration blog series, we’re always looking for what aspects of email marketing a brand got right (and what parts could use a little work). After reviewing dozens of emails, it’s time to sit back and reflect. Below you’ll find a roundup of email best practices in action—complete with plenty of examples!


Is your “from name” recognizable and trustworthy to external audiences? Since this is the field that appears first in most email clients, and likely the first thing your subscribers see, the answer to that question should be yes.

Hyde Park Jewelers preheaderTypically, you’ll find the names of companies, brands, or individuals here. However, if your subscriber doesn’t know who an email is from, the likelihood they’ll open diminishes. In fact, subscribers may even mark an email from an unknown source as spam!

In this example from Banana Republic, their brand name was shortened to “BR” in the from name, potentially causing confusion amongst their readers. We didn’t recognize the sender and almost clicked the “Report Junk” link.

A successful from name will be recognizable and relevant to your audience, imparting trust and a desire to open. Carefully consider the relationship between the subscriber and your brand—are they more likely to recognize the name of your brand/product, or the name of an individual at your company? A/B testing over time can reveal the right approach for you—it may be a mix!

In the examples below, each company used a straightforward approach—minimizing potential confusion and leveraging earned influence by simply using their brand name.

Using a “friendly from name” can also encourage subscriber feedback and interactions—read on!


Email is a great medium for communicating with your audience, not to mention the perfect way to receive vital feedback from customers.JCrew Footer It’s also an ideal way to answer questions and create a line of communication between brand and consumers. However, when an email’s reply-to address is a variation of “, ” it turns what should be a communication highway into a one-way street—eliminating the opportunity for further customer interaction. It also appears unfriendly, uncaring, and may even affect your delivery rates.

Consider the context of your email when choosing a from name and reply-to address. It may be appropriate for responses to an email to be directed toward specific individual, a shared mailbox or a customer service team. Avoid the inevitable confusion of combining a friendly from name with a no-reply email address, or vice versa. Chances are, your subscribers aren’t paying close attention to fine print or specific instructions on how to respond to messages—instead, they’ll simply hit reply, and expect a response.

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