Marketing communication mix for hotel / Marketing communications

Marketing communication mix for hotel

Ms. Dochen

Integrated Marketing Communication for Hotel Owners and Management Companies

To market you go. In the "old" days, that might have meant hiring a great sales person, an ad agency and a PR firm, and turning each of them out to do what they do best. But how much did they talk with each other? How often did they put their heads together to plan or consolidate initiatives? Was each entity producing 15 great projects, at different times and with slightly different messages that ended up bumping into each other in the marketplace or on the company ledger?

With time, technology and "touch, " many smart companies have evolved to the strategic, integrated marketing communication approach, defined as "a management concept designed to bring all elements of marketing communication - such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing - together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation."

Here are the benefits of integrated marketing communication:

Whether your company has four or 4, 000 employees - or whether your product is a bricks-and-mortar hotel or an intangible expertise in development, ownership and third-party management - speaking with a unified and consistent voice can contribute invaluably to a company's culture and its bottom line.

Small companies might base their integrated marketing communication plans on initial elements such as a logo, letterhead, a web site, web marketing, SEO, public relations and printed marketing pieces. Larger companies might add traditional and web advertising, direct mail, company-wide training, sales incentives, community relations programs, and PR-based events.

Large or small, applying integrated marketing communication will enhance your ability to achieve your sales and awareness goals among all of the audiences that are important to you: guests, clients, associates, investors, third-party management companies, local communities, and franchisors.


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The importance of music

by unfavorablyrepresented

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Is it really lame to sing and dance or is it a natur

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Advertising Manager  —
The core focus of this Advertising and Marketing Communications Manager role will be to build awareness and familiarity with the brand across the UK through the development and implementation of an advertising and marketing communications strategy.

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