Types of Marketing Communications / Marketing communications

Types of Marketing Communications

3 Communication TypesSuccessful marketing and sales hinge on communication. We all have our preferred method of communication, and if you really want to get off on the right foot with a prospective customer, you of course want to communicate via their preferred method.

This is where a lot of businesses get hung up with content marketing. The assumption is that content marketing really only works with customers who like to communicate digitally – especially via email. This is simply not true. You can use content marketing to reach just about any of your customers… if you do it right.

There are three communication types to take into consideration when marketing and selling to customers. You can use content marketing materials with each one.

The Talker

The Talker will pick up the phone when he has something to say, and he expects you to do the same. If you send an email to the Talker, it may get ignored – or deleted. Because anything important deserves a phone call.

Content Marketing Strategy:

Go ahead, pick up the phone and have a conversation with the Talker. At the end of the call, let him know that you will be emailing him meeting notes and a white paper, to ensure he has ready access to the information from your phone call.

The Emailer

The Emailer wants it all in writing. She wants to deal with the conversation or information at her own pace, so send her an email and don’t bother picking up the phone – she probably won’t answer anyway.

When having one-on-one conversations about your product or service, keep your communications to email. But also encourage the Emailer to sign up for your mailing list. You can entice her with a free download – an e-book or an e-guide – but often the Emailer will happily acquiesce if you simply ask her, “May I add you to my mailing list?” Now it’s your responsibility to make sure the emails and newsletters you send out to that list are chock-full of great information and useful tools.

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