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Art-of-Marketing-Seth-GodinMany would agree that a marketer’s role isn’t easy to define. In fact, if you ask the average person what a marketer does, I’m sure you would get a variety of cryptic job descriptions that have something to do with sales or “driving the bottom line.” Marketers are asked to define the undefinable, use their right brains and left brains, achieve a job that is so ambiguous but also produces calculated results.

This fear of failure keeps us from jumping off the cliff which paralyzes our ability to innovate.

Although it’s not always easy to define our roles, most can agree that becoming the “best-damn-marketer-you-can-be” requires thinking outside of the box. And if anyone could challenge a room full of marketing professions to do so, the speakers at the Art of Marketing Conference in Vancouver would surely know how.

The impressive lineup of speakers included the industry’s brightest: bestselling author and marketing heavyweight Seth Godin; communication expert and author Nancy Duarte; author and president of Twist Image agency, Mitch Joel; marketing consultant and founder of Duct Tape Marketing, John Jantsch; founder and CEO of Kiip, Brian Wong; and bestselling author and founder of Ferrazzi Greenlight, Keith Ferrazzi.

To kick off the morning, Ron Trite, the host of the conference, leveled out the playing field and reminded us all how we got there in the first place: “Like pornography, nobody ever chooses to be in marketing. You kind of just end up there because one day you realize that you’re kind of good at this.” A sentiment all too true.

Here’s a few more takeaways from the conference that will surely yield gain.

1. “Mass marketing is for the masses, and the masses are boring.” – Seth Godin
Mass marketing is becoming ineffective because consumers are starting to ignore it. The rules are different now and mass marketing is going away because average people aren’t interested anymore.

2. “Sheep aren’t good marketers.” – Seth Godin
As marketers, your job is to find a tribe, commit to where they are going, create a culture, challenge where they are going next, and to be clear with them about what is going on. Marketers don’t follow trends, you create them. You don’t join tribes, you lead them.

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