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Marketing Communications strategy example

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The “Push” Marketing Strategy

The “push marketing strategy” is a smart and simple Internet marketing paradigm. The precept is all about (pushing) delivering via email or your social networking platform(s) of choice a message or series of messages that you deem essential on behalf of your target market (audience).

An “essential” message or messages are created and distributed (pushed) to your target market (audience) that are strategically written or produced (audio and/video) to help consumers or your valued customers/clients:

  • Achieve their goal(s).
  • Solve their problem(s).
  • Satisfy their need(s).

The Push Marketing Strategy

Unlike traditional television and/or radio channels or self-serving web surfing, of which, require consumers to change channels or conduct a search to find what they want or need, the “push strategy” is an interactive approach for responding to your target market (audience) before they ask based on your clarified understanding of your target market’s goals, problems, and/or needs. With the “push marketing strategy, ” your target market (audience) gets what they want automatically.

Actionable Examples of the Push Marketing Strategy

Let’s say you like books written by a specific author and you want your favorite bookseller to let you know whenever that specific author introduces their latest work. The bookseller would “push” a marketing message (email or social media) alerting you to the fact that so-and-so’s new book is available for purchase. The “push marketing strategy” has become a staple marketing approach relative to today’s marketing consultant professionals who move toward going after business rather than waiting for consumers, customers, or clients to make their way to their client’s offerings (products/services).

One of the simplest forms of “push marketing” is by way of email messaging. For example, using an HTML email format you are able to send your complete web site to your double-opt subscribers (pushing) advising your target market recipients of an upcoming event, new blog post, or the release of your latest product or service.

  • Create a triggered push. conducts a great deal of “push marketing.” When a new book is made available for purchase, Amazon sends out both email and text messages letting its target market (audience) know about a specific actionable event.
  • If you are a stock broker, you may wish to notify specific clients when the price of a given stock rises or falls.
  • If you are a restaurateur, you may wish to let your valued (regular) patrons know about your new 2-for-1 lunch or happy hour menu.

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