Marketing Communications objectives and strategies / Marketing communications

Marketing Communications objectives and strategies

B2B marketing communications strategiesThink of a good business-to-business marketing communications plan as a building. A sturdy building starts with a strong foundation-that’s the objectives we talked about in our recent blogpost. Now we’re ready to talk about framing and finishing.

Framing In – Strategies

Strategies serve as the framework of your plan. If objectives define where you’re going, strategies define how you’re going to get there. Strategic decisions take into account:

  • Target audience – Who’s involved in buying your product? How will you prioritize industries and job functions?
  • Competition – What promises are they making? What benefits do they offer?
  • Timing – Is there any seasonality involved in the purchasing of the product? Are there key tradeshows or conferences? Are there new products scheduled to be introduced?
  • Budget – How much can you invest in marketing communications?
  • How will you measure results? This assumes you have measurable objectives (and you should).

Objectives interact with these factors to yield strategies. For example, if generating inquiries is an objective and your budget is limited, a strategic decision might be made to emphasize email marketing. Or if a major new product introduction coincides with a relevant trade show, it could be wise strategically to put more dollars into show activities that launch the product.

Building Blocks – Tactics

Ahhh, tactics. These are the activities (projects) everyone wants to jump into immediately. However, just as a strong building needs a solid foundation and sturdy framework, marketing communications tactics need to fit objectives and strategies to create a strong plan. Think of tactics as the final building blocks of a plan and keep in mind what each is good for:

ADVERTISING is a cost-effective way to reach a lot of people quickly. It can build awareness and/or generate inquiries.

EMAIL MARKETING is a great way to generate leads from a defined audience. Besides a good list, you need a strong offer, an intriguing subject line and on-target creative. (See our blogpost on B2B email marketing.)

PUBLIC RELATIONS can educate, enhance credibility and even generate inquiries. Timing, content and placement are subject to editors.

TRADE SHOWS are good inquiry-generating opportunities for new products and products that are “hands-on.” That’s what attendees look for.

WEBSITES are 24/7 information sources. Like sales literature on steroids! The best sites offer useful information in interactive formats so visitors can get just what they want when they want it. (More on B2B websites here.)

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B2B Marketing Strategies and Insights
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