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Communications in Marketing

Medical practice marketing on Facebook.19 Jun

We’re big believers in good resources, which is why we’re detracting from our regularly scheduled content to bring you something a little different today: a book review.

The whole Screwpile Team recently read Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break Through the Clutter, and Win More Customers By Marketing Less by Joe Pulizzi, the founder of the Content Marketing Institute. We found the book so approachable and informative that we couldn’t resist passing it along.bigstock-Giant-Ocean-Wave-25247846 And while the book discusses content marketing in general, each of the tips and concepts are easily applied to healthcare content marketing, as well as healthcare social media marketing.

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17 Jun

By the time one of your current or prospective patients clicks over to your medical practice’s landing page, it might seem like your job is done. After all, you created the engaging content. You marketed your content across social media channels. You developed lead nurturing email campaigns. You created the effective calls-to-action that caused them to click through. Now it’s up to them to convert on your offer—right?

Well, somewhat. You can’t control the specific situations and needs your patients bring with them to your landing pages. There are some cases where, no matter what you do, they still aren’t going to convert. However, that’s not to say that landing pages are where the work ends. Instead of looking at your landing pages as the end of the medical practice lead generation line, where you’ve already don’t everything you can, think of them as a final opportunity to optimize online patient experience and improve your conversion rates.

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IMAG0535 Medical practice lead generation.

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Communications and marketing is general

by pbp

There are interships across the board for communications and marketing interns.
I looked at my local nonprofit job board (Minneapolis) under "intern." Out of the first ten posts, several specifically asked for an intern with a communication or marketing background, several didn't ask for that specifically but the skill set they posted would have come from that kind of background, and several more were for more general interships but at least part of internship would have benefited from a communications or marketing background(ie communitcations/marketing was part of the internship, direct program or office work was the rest)

Communications in Marketing
Book (McGraw-Hill)

Strategy - The holy grail of marketing communications  —
.. the company' as one, if not the first, output in a job description or client brief.