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Marketing Communications Job titles

For decades, the same titles were used for public relations and communications professionals in companies, agencies and organizations. These included Director, Marketing Communications; Manager, Public Relations; Account Executive; Vice President, Corporate Communications; Director, Community Relations; Publicist; Director, Government Relations; Account Director.

As our industry speedily reshapes itself – driven by historic grassroots empowerment, two-way conversations and brand building communities – so are the titles reflecting the jobs we do and responsibilities we bear.

Consider, for example, some of the current PR & communications job openings:

  • Manager, Cyclical Communications (Target)
  • Director of Innovation (Netflix)
  • Director of North American Positioning (Novozymes)
  • Web Evangelist (Microsoft)
  • Chief Content Officer (PBS)
  • Social Media Manager (Milestone Internet Marketing)
  • Manager, Green Marketing & Wellness (confidential search)
  • Competitive Intelligence and Social Media Strategist (EMC)
  • Online content & Communications Manager (Penny Saver/Harte Hanks Shoppers)
  • Senior Director, Internet Communications and Marketing (Save The Children)
  • Director Corporate Responsibility (Delhaize America)

While the classic job titles will stick around, there’s an emerging trend where companies, organizations and agencies are deliberately re-casting roles and responsibilities. How are the new titles different from the old? We see five transformations unfolding:

  1. New titles are embracing online community and consistent two-way communication (engagement, social media, cyclical communications).
  2. They mirror major societal changes (green marketing; web; wellness).
  3. Some of the new titles are trending big picture (positioning; global partner, competitive intelligence).

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Marketing Job Titles and Descriptions
Marketing Job Titles and Descriptions

Kudos to you for getting to that point

by GoodProductDevelopment

Few individuals have as much conviction as you to follow through to get so far with a product ready for market. I admire that.
For the communications/military sector, you'll need to get in touch with some big players at some big organizations -- defense contractors, research institutions, interstate corporations. They'll have various job titles. Maybe contact your local congressman.
Have you also researched technical product conventions and expositions? Big cities or Las Vegas often host somewhat annual events at the convention center sponsored by the likes of GE, Boeing, Raytheon, etc

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