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Marketing Communications Benchmarking examples

2014 Email MarketingEmail marketing is one of the most important digital marketing activities that businesses do. Email provides more consistent impressions than social media, higher click-through than digital advertising or even retargeting campaigns, and has the highest ROI of any marketing activity.

Despite that most SMBs use email marketing, discovering appropriate benchmarks and industry best practices can be difficult. A identified the most-used marketing tactics by businesses and some that are on the rise (in other words: benchmarks and best practices).

What I want to do in this post is discuss the current state of email marketing and email in general, and then discuss the benchmarks and best practices identified in the Experian study.

The state of email marketing and email

We receive a lot of email everyday: upwards of . In a not entirely unexpected twist, in any given day. And then we add the marketing email, which is conservatively estimated at, only a small portion of the . Point being: email is increasingly noisy (and getting noisier).

Corporate Emails Received Per Day

Concurrent to the growth of email usage and email marketing communication is the increasing reliance on mobile devices., over 90 percent of adults own cell phones and over 50 percent of mobile phone users check email with their phone (quick math: 45 percent of all adults check email on their phone). 42 percent of adults own tablet computers, and the most common activity that they perform with them is email.

Email marketers have a huge challenge. They have to stand out in a crowd of increasingly loud and frequent marketing messages, and they have to compensate for a disruptive change in how users receive their marketing messages. What’s a business to do?

Email benchmarks (tactics most businesses employ)

You really don’t have to look much further than your inbox to understand the level of sophistication of email marketing today. Triggered emails (you left that Justin Bieber album in your cart), responsive emails that are easily readable on a mobile device, activity-based segmentation (with more consideration than just your gender or zip code) are marketing tactics that many businesses use. Let’s take a look at some benchmark email marketing tactics identified by the Experian study:

Pop-up windows

I wrote a recent piece on the Vocus Blog discussing tactics that businesses are using for email acquisition without pop-ups. One of the cited studies showed superior effectiveness of pop-ups for email acquisition, and the Experian study substantiates that. Of all surveyed businesses, nearly one half use pop-up windows for email acquisition.

Incidentally, nearly all of the surveyed businesses use their website to acquire customer email addresses.

Responsive email

Remember that 40 percent of adults read email on mobile devices? That fact isn’t lost on businesses, either. Over three-quarters of businesses have done some mobile optimization of their email marketing communications (incidentally, the email marketing feature of the Vocus Marketing Suite sends mobile-optimized email to your customers).

Epic Content Marketing - Pop Up Behavior Segmentation

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