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Marketing Communications An Integrated Approach

What about the kids infographic - Click image to open larger size.Twenty four years ago, I lived in Montreal when a man killed 14 women at Ecole Polytechnique. An incident that shocked Canada and continues to be marked by remembrance ceremonies. Being in Montreal imprinted upon me the importance of gun control and taking action to end violence against women so much so that they continue to be important personal beliefs, actions and work.

So while the type of violence is different today I’d like to share materials from the 2013 awareness campaign that Communicate & Howe! created for Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region. We used a variety of tools and techniques to raise awareness throughout November which in Ontario is Woman Abuse Awareness.

This mix of tools and techniques is referred to these days as “integrated marketing communications” or an “integrated marketing campaign.” To me it is exactly the same as what I’ve simply called “communications” for 20 years.

What about the kids?

The theme of this year’s campaign was “” We wanted to reach our audience of women 25 – 35 especially mothers of young kids. Our key messages were that “Abuse of women damages kids” and to take action “Help yourself. Help your kids.”

What about the kids Facebook imageSalons & Spas added a community network

We wanted to connect into community resources where we could reach women in a primarily female environment. We did so with a network of salons and spas across Waterloo Region. About made campaign buttons and action cards available to clients and the community.

But first we recruited salon and spa staff to participate in the initiative. This program trained 15 people to recognize when clients may be living with domestic violence and gave them advice on how to respond and where to refer them for help. It’s a way to keep that network helping to move women beyond violence year round. While we didn’t create the program, it is fairly new in Canada and gained .

an infographic easily shared key facts

An infographic was developed with the expertise of . It sets the stage with key local facts then outlines how woman abuse damages all kids before sharing how Women’s Crisis Services can help. The infographic is found on on the agency’s website and was shared via its social media. A print version was distributed to over 100 locations including those places where we knew we could reach our audience such as nearly all licensed child care locations and community centres.

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