Marketing and Communications Interview questions / Marketing communications

Marketing and Communications Interview questions

marketing job interviewAre you facing a job interview in Marketing? Perhaps you are climbing the career ladder in a PR or Advertising type role? Maybe like the Mad Men characters in the popular TV series you love the thrill of client interaction and selling?

Whatever your reasons for applying for a job in Marketing, you will first have to pass the interview.

In my experience a marketing interview can be a considerable challenge, however the fact is if you are a good marketing and sales person then you should be able to breeze through the interview. An interview is after all a communication and selling exercise, two of the skills vital for success in such a career.

In this article I discuss some of the types of questions that can arise in a Marketing job interview and provide some guidelines on how to give successful answers.

Tough Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

Here are some tough marketing interview questions for you to consider. The key is not to be thrown by an unusual or difficult question; after all, the interview is testing just how well you can cope with difficult situations.

InterviewGold Online Interview TrainingWhat if I said you didn’t have the right qualifications for this marketing role?

A marketing interview will include all the usual kinds of questions but some may test you more than others. An important part of marketing is the ability to react quickly and effectively to overcome obstacles or objections, and a recruiting officer for a marketing company may want to test this by putting you on the spot with questions that demand you respond rapidly and creatively. This question could be difficult to recover from as effectively the interviewer is saying you are not suitable. It is the same way a customer may say they do not need or want a product and you must respond calmly, logically and by up selling yourself. While your degree may not be in Marketing for example, talk about the skills you have, your experience and excellent achievements. Ultimately it is a test to see how you can cope with a difficult scenario.

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