Managing Integrated Marketing Communications process / Marketing communications

Managing Integrated Marketing Communications process

are the means by which firms attempt to inform, persuade, and remind consumers - directly or indirectly - about the products and brands they sell. They represent the voice of the company and its brands and help the firm establish a dialogue and build relationship with consumers. They can contribute to brand equity - by establishing the brand in memory and creating a brand image - as well as strengthen customer loyalty, drive sales, and even affect shareholder value.

The Changing Marketing Communications Environment

Technology and other factors have profoundly changed the way consumers process communications, and even whether they choose to process them at all. Commercial clutter is rampant. Marketing communications in almost every medium and form have been on the rise, and some consumers feel they are increasingly invasive. Therefore, marketers must be creative in using technology without intruding in consumers' lives.

Marketing Communications, Brand Equity and Sales

The marketing communications mix consists of eight major modes of communication:

  1. - Any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.
  2. Sales promotion - A variety of short-term incentives to encourage trial or purchase of a product or service.
  3. Events and experiences - Company-sponsored activities and programs designed to create brand-related interactions.
  4. Public relations and publicity - Programs directed internally or externally to promote or protect a company's image or its individual product communciations.
  5. Direct marketing - Use of mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, or Internet to communicate directly with or solicit response or dialogue from specific customers and prospects.
  6. Interactive marketing - Online activities and programs to engage customers or prospects and directly or indirectly raise awareness, improve image, or elicit sales.
  7. Word-of-mouth marketing - People-to-people oral, written, or electronic communications that relate to the merits or experiences of purchasing or using products or services.
  8. Personal selling - Face-to-face interaction with one or more prospective purchasers for the purpose of making presentations, answering questions, and procuring orders.

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Not sure if anyone can help....

by untuchableface

I am currently getting my masters in IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) and I really, really want to tap into the fashion industry. I want to do fashion marketing or something of the sort. Does anyone know where I could even begin with this search? I am new to Chicago so I'm not even sure of any well-known or established fashion-oriented firms.
Anyone help?

Springer Handbook of Social Media Management: Value Chain and Business Models in Changing Media Markets (Media Business and Innovation)
Book (Springer)

Strategy - The holy grail of marketing communications  —
.. the company' as one, if not the first, output in a job description or client brief.

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