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Integrated Marketing Communications Services

Creative services

After we've gathered all the pertinent information and distilled it down to a singular, strategic gem, we bring that message to life through powerful creative ideas. Ideas that find the simple in the complicated. Ideas that connect to something already understood, yet are completely original. Ideas with legs that will extend to all customer touch-points across multiple channels.

Web and interactive

Gelia Interactive has the expertise and tools to transform your online presence into a virtual sales force. Our strengths range from front-end information architecture and design, to back-end management of registration and leads, to advanced data-driven technology.

Media, e-media and SEM

There is a major shift occurring in how people consume media for entertainment, news and information. Your audience does pay attention to advertising – provided that it's relevant to them. Our globally experienced media team, including Google Adwords-certified experts, keeps up with the latest developments and understands how they affect media consumption – from B2B search engine marketing to consumer broadcast and everything in between. We believe that effective online and offline media planning means spending our clients' dollars as prudently as our own. And we collaborate closely with our creative team to integrate the medium with the message.

Lead tracking and management

Gelia Direct helps your sales force do what they do best – sign business. By interviewing the key decision-makers within your target audience and profiling legitimate targets, we can pre-screen the prospects generated from your advertising sources, and identify the one in ten that warrants a sales call.
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Not sure if anyone can help....

by untuchableface

I am currently getting my masters in IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) and I really, really want to tap into the fashion industry. I want to do fashion marketing or something of the sort. Does anyone know where I could even begin with this search? I am new to Chicago so I'm not even sure of any well-known or established fashion-oriented firms.
Anyone help?

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