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Integrated Marketing Communications free Essay

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At the same time, the advertising and promotion of the healthy snack should be measured to assess the effectiveness of the advertising and promotion. In this respect, it is necessary to introduce quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis. Quantitative methods should involve the analysis of the dependence between sale rates and advertising. For instance, sale rates should be measured before and after the introduction of a new advertisement with a famous sportsman. The growth or downfall of sale rates will indicate whether the ad is effective or not. As for qualitative methods of analysis, it is necessary to use questionnaires and interviews involving customers. It is possible to define the level of customer satisfaction with the help of interviews and questionnaires as well as the impression advertising have on customers. For instance, it is possible to use questionnaire where customers are suggested to grade the effectiveness of an ad of the healthy snack from one to ten points.Custom essays The higher is the score the more effective is the advertising. In this respect, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that it is necessary to combine both quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis and introduce a position of control officer who could control the implementation of the new product and assess the effectiveness of advertising of the healthy snack.
Thus, the introduction of the healthy snack should involve the use of IMC, which can bring positive outcomes on condition of the effective application of its key aspects.


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