Integrated Marketing Communications entry-level Jobs / Marketing communications

Integrated Marketing Communications entry-level Jobs

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Integrated Marketing Manager
Integrated Marketing Managers are responsible for helping develop, implement and measure strategic integrated marketing campaigns. They research industry trends, social media/engagement tools and use them within targeted IMC campaigns. They utilize public relations, advertising, brand management and design together to form a cohesive marketing communications campaign.
Integrated Marketing Director
Integrated Marketing Directors are responsible for developing and managing comprehensive integrated marketing communications campaigns. They manage all components of campaign development, implementation and measurement and must be able to make sure that all communications efforts – from PR, to marketing, to visual, to social media – are working together in harmony. Directors monitor and measure a campaign’s Return on Investment (ROI) and consistently implement successful promotional campaigns.

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Incorporating IMC as a Practice

As communications continue to evolve in a digital world where consumers are saturated with multimedia messages, public relations agencies are redefining the way they do business. Leaders at GolinHarris, a public relations firm ranked in the top 10 in the United States and top 20 globally, reorganized their agency structure in 2011 and implemented a new communications model leveraging traditional and social media.

In 2012, Fred Cook, CEO of GolinHarris, will discussed the company’s innovative new “g4” model, during his keynote address at the WVU P.I. Reed School of Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate program’s annual INTEGRATE conference. Cook shares his insights on the need for public relations agencies to re-evaluate how they function and deliver multi-platform results in a rapidly evolving communications industry.

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I have an interview

by His_Holiness

Tomorrow with a Integrated Marketing Communications Co. I said I was a follower of their company's work (which is a load of bs). However, the position is about 15k less a year than my previous position. My last job I was a Marketing Manager -- this would be more design orientated position. Should I just go in there to see what they have to say and try to negotiate the amount up? I mean I am bored, but fresh off of a Marketing Director interview.

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