Integrated Marketing Communications course Singapore / Marketing communications

Integrated Marketing Communications course Singapore

Mass Communication (MCM) o

Acad Unit: 4
Pre-requisite: AB1501

Course Description:

This course is concerned with the development, implementation and evaluation of marketing communication activities. The course primarily takes the marketer’s perspective, requiring you to consider and critically evaluate factors influencing both the design and implementation of comprehensive, integrated marketing communication (IMC) programs. In this course, we regard IMC as a system of thinking, processes, approaches and coordinated activities driven by the marketer’s objectives.

The course is designed to foster your logical thinking and creativity regarding IMC. Although this course is oriented towards practice, we still cover theories and concepts essential to your understanding of marketing communication (marcom) practices (e.g., how they work and their applicability). Learning these theories and concepts is also important because they facilitate you to choose and justify your choice and design of marcom activities.

Instead of treating IMC as a set of stand-alone tools or activities, the course regards it as a blended mix of coordinated activities. The course put roughly equal emphasis on both traditional marcom tools (e.g., advertising and sales promotion) and non-traditional tools (e.g., social media marketing and mobile marketing), comparing their similarities and differences, and discussing how they can complement each other and work together for achieving the marketer’s objectives. While non-traditional marcom tools catch marketers’ attention of, traditional marcom tools are indispensable for particular purposes and under certain circumstances.

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