Integrated Marketing Communications components / Marketing communications

Integrated Marketing Communications components

Integrated marketing strategy integrates relevant marketing tools to deliver similar message to a larger audience. Remember, an integrated marketing strategy is successful only when it creates awareness of a particular brand among a large number of end-users.

Remember, a marketer needs to carefully blend and make the best possible use of all promotional tools so that the right message reaches the right customer at the right time and right place.

It is essential to ensure that an organization’s integrated marketing strategy communicates similar message to target audience for them to invest in their brand and also develop a sense of attachment and loyalty towards the same.

Let us go through several components of a successful integrated marketing Strategy

Customer Focus - No strategy would yield results unless and until you value your customers. Successful marketing strategies ought to start and end with customers. Customers are indeed “Gods” who play a crucial role in the success or failure of an organization. Do not ignore your customers while formulating essential marketing strategies for brand promotion. The needs and requirements of the end-users need to be kept in mind. Make sure your products or services meet and exceed customer expectations. Understand, why would an individual invest in your brand if you do not have anything new and unique to offer? Integrated marketing strategy is successful only when the features and benefits of the brands reach the target customers in the desired manner and prompt them to buy the products or services immediately. Customer feedbacks are essential and need to be monitored regularly. Every business has some set of customers who are loyal and would never think of going to competitors. Design your initial marketing strategies around such customers as you do not have to try too hard to convince them.

Co-operation - Remember, only marketing professionals are not responsible for promoting brands and making them popular in the market. Infact, the responsibility lies on the shoulders of each and every individual who is directly associated with the organization. Interdepartmental cooperation is essential. Individuals need to work in unison, brainstorm ideas and come to innovative ideas and unique solutions. All departments, example - marketing, sales, customer care, service delivery need to work in close coordination for better results and maximum customer satisfaction.

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Need input on updated resume. Thanks in advance

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I am an experienced, highly motivated, professional skilled in Operations Management, Cash Flow Management, Marketing, Business Planning and Customer Service. I have a track record of improving businesses by increasing productivity, growth capability and dramatically improving revenues.
• Effective management style with outstanding communication skills.
• Highly analytical and organized with a natural passion for problem solving
• Positive, optimistic, detail orientated who excels under pressure and meets deadlines.
• Building strong relation with clients, business partners, and work colleagues

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