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Integrated Marketing communication Indonesia

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Festival Ekonomi Syariah (Economic Sharia Festival or FES) is the biggest annual event that gathers all information about sharia banking products and services in Indonesia. FES is held for the first time in 2008 by Bank of Indonesia and organized by Dyandra Promosindo. We made a huge contribution for this event since its very beginning. From the logo making and all promotional materials, including the interactive logo motion and main stage design until the execution of its opening ceremony.Click to enlarge We also trusted to organize entertainment program and conduct many competitions as supporting programs of this event, such as Saman Dance Competition, Sharia Debate in English Competition, Speech Competition, High School Band Performance Competition and Sharia Journalism Writing Competition.

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For the launching of new Bajaj light sport motorbike, we have been trusted to handle its test ride event. We created from the “It's All-Ride” product tagline and promotion materials, such as print ad, brochure, flyer, flag chain and banner, the test ride concept until handling the campus-to-campus Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS test ride.

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Peoples Bark News Berkeley

by johnvance

Inkworks Press has created 2 windowsigns ----
'Justice, not Vengeance/Let us not become the evil that we deplore' and 'Hate Free Community/Stop Racist Attacks.'
We've also made flyers of Barbara Lee's speech before congress on 9/14 under the headline 'Barbara Lee Speaks for Me, and Millions More'.
These materials are available at Inkworks now, 2827 7th Street, Berkeley. We request a donation if possible to defray expenses and to print more, but it's not necessary. Our purpose is to get them into
circulation. We will reprint bulk orders at cost.
You will find the links to these flyers on the website below (in
jpeg and pdf format).
Take care, and be safe,
the Inkworks Collective
2827 Seventh Street
Berkeley CA 94710
ph: 510.845.7111
fx: 510.845.6753

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Jacqueline Zeledon: A People on the Move spotlight  — Milwaukee Business Journal
Education:“I'm a Big 10 graduate. I earned a bachelor of arts degree in communications at Purdue University and a master of science degree in integrated marketing communications from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.”.

Wedding: Kendra Vailes & Ben Aigamaua  — Jackson Sun
He will receive his Master's of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications in May of 2015 from the University of Mississippi. He is currently working as a graduate assistant coach for offensive line at the University of Mississippi in Oxford.

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