Developing Integrated Marketing Communications Program / Marketing communications

Developing Integrated Marketing Communications Program

Lenovo Corporation is the second largest computer maker in the world. The firm has a large market development opportunity, as defined by Ansoff’ revenue generation strategy. The brand awareness of Lenovo is comparatively low in the consumer market, particularly the “18-35 target group.” This lack of brand awareness provides the opportunity to use existing lines of desktop, notebook, and tablet computers to generate revenue in the target youth group.

Revenue generation for Lenovo means developing a new market segment. Lenovo looked at segmentation, total market attractiveness, and made choices for an integrated communication and marketing plan. Examining the Ansoff model allows for making the correct decisions in the marketing plan.

“Only 7.8 billion in sales and nobody knows you, how can you generate more revenue? H. Igor Ansoff knows the way.”

Lenovo computers are the second largest selling computer brand in the world after having bypassed Dell and Acer. They have a luxury problem in some ways, the brand is not well known, yet Lenovo’s sales grew 35% ending September 2011. Lenovo has had great success in tnterprise and B2B market segments. The company enjoys large market shares, dominating both business and industrial segments in China and India. In particular the ThinkPad, which this post is being typed on, enjoys a loyal following.

The in-house marketing team at Lenovo is led by David Roman, a former top executive at Apple and Hewlett Packard. David has assembled a team to focus on “brand experience integrating social media, design branded content, retail experience, event and strategic engagement and partnerships” The problem faced by the marketing team was clear; Lenovo has excellent products, they needed to sell more of these existing products to new customers. Selling in new markets with existing products is defined a Market Development by H. Igor Ansoff.

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I'm looking to go directly into the sports marketing and event management industry, working in marketing, communications, Public relations or promotions.
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Jacqueline Zeledon: A People on the Move spotlight  — Milwaukee Business Journal
Education:“I'm a Big 10 graduate. I earned a bachelor of arts degree in communications at Purdue University and a master of science degree in integrated marketing communications from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.”.

Wedding: Kendra Vailes & Ben Aigamaua  — Jackson Sun
He will receive his Master's of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications in May of 2015 from the University of Mississippi. He is currently working as a graduate assistant coach for offensive line at the University of Mississippi in Oxford.

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