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Marketing Communications Manager Resume


A Brand Communications Manager, who reports to the Chief Marketing Officer, is generally responsible for leading the brand communications team in continually enhancing a particular brand image; increasing brand awareness, and providing after-sales support through advertisements, media, point-of sale, partnerships, and relationship marketing. For starting companies, brand communications managers may also be responsible for developing a strong brand name and image.


The job of Brand Communications Managers involve ensuring all team members provide high quality customer service, monitoring the delivery of the brand direction and recommending areas of improvement. They are also responsible for creating and implementing a long-term communication strategy, producing a yearly commercial calendar plan, liaising with big bosses about marketing related issues, at the same time cultivating a positive working relation with them. The brand communications manager acts as the brand’s spokesperson with media relations. He/she formulates and implements public relations strategies, selects and manages communications with external agencies, as well as develops media marketing strategies and other non-campaign activities. Brand communications managers are in charge of providing strategic input and direction for the brand, developing style guides, templates, and other materials, developing non-campaign brands while keeping the company’s vision, mission, and objectives in mind; and advising internal and external stakeholders on issues relevant to the brand.

Education and Training Requirements

To pursue a career as a Brand Communications Manager, one must have a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Marketing, Advertising, Communication, Finance, or any related field. A postgraduate degree is not necessary, although it would prove to be advantageous especially when applying in a large company. A minimum of three years of experience in advertising, marketing, or media buying is also required.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

This role requires constant communication, thus, strong verbal and written communication skills are required. A Brand Communications Manager should also be knowledgeable in marketing and public relations. He/she must be highly motivated, well organized, detail-oriented, creative and innovative, and possess good time management skills. Brand communications managers must be able to multi-task, do market research and analyze results effectively, prioritize and influence stakeholders; understand the target market and its dynamics.

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