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Marketing Communications Jobs abroad

About a week ago, I shared a quick rant on Twitter that basically said: “I’m tired of baseless pitches from SEO experts, social media ‘gurus’ and other online companies that have absolutely no relevance to my blog.” No more than two minutes later, I had a thoughtful note from Hannah DeMilta suggesting a guest post for my blog that actually made sense. Imagine that. Hannah hit on my passion for helping others (HAPPO) and she wanted to share her story about how she found work abroad after college (in Sydney, Australia, no less!). Below is her story.

It wasn’t long ago I was stressing over final exams, finishing the last quarter of my PR degree at Otterbein College. To be honest, it felt like a tough time to be graduating. Instead of feeling like you were finishing school and being presented a world of opportunities, graduation was something to delay or fear. I had also given myself another challenge. Not only did I want to graduate and land a killer job with an awesome company, I wanted to do this on the other side of the world and move to Sydney, Australia. There are a few lessons I learned in my job search abroad.

Start making connections early

I started my job search abroad more than a year before I ever got the offer and moved. It was casual in the beginning, but still networking nonetheless. I used my free time to follow Aussies on Twitter, learn who the local influencers were and start reading up Australian blogs. I also made more personal connections with some Sydney-siders. My friend Roger (now working over at Ogilvy Social here in Sydney) was one of the first people to help steer me in the right direction. He co-organizes a meet-up called PRINKS for those in PR, digital, social media and such. I wrote a guest post for the PRINKS blog and followed the hashtag before I ever moved to Sydney and attended my first PRINKS meet-up in person. Use relevant networks such as HAPPO to find professionals in your field. We have so many opportunities to connect in this digital job search age.

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Talk to these people

by tlbrink

Talk to young professors in the fields you mentioned: why they decided on their fields, how they got their jobs, what they would do differently if they could do it again.
If you are not driven by family and mortgage commitments, think in terms of this time frame.
Work for a year or two abroad in communications, PR, or marketing.
Decide on sociology, anthro, or communications for a Ph.D., and try to do a joint M.B.A. focused on marketing.
Then you would be able to teach at a variety of levels and disciplines, and do some very serious consulting.

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