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photo-5Today in the classroom the topic was media and privacy. To get the discussion going we talked about the Chinese actor Huang Haibo, who recently got caught in a prostitute scandal. Private information and mug shots of Huang and the young girl were released to the public. As a class we discussed if this was a violation of their privacy or not. What was interesting to me comparing what the punishment would be if this same situation happened in the US. If this situation happened in the US I think the results would be very different. A celebrity in the US would most likely not have to go to jail and just pay a fine; where as Huang Haibo is being forced to stay in jail for 6 months. Also in the United Stated this celebrity would most likely be joked about and put on nighttime talk shows, which is very different from what is going to happen to Huang whose career is most likely over. It was also discussed that in Germany or Austria this wouldn’t even be talked about. Mug shots of celebrities in the US are released all the time and are common to see even though it may be private information. It is incredible to me to see how different the situation is handled in China than it would be in other various countries.Street with original Beijing homes It also makes you stop and think about what kind of information can be found and leaked out at any time.

Today we also go to visit the National Museum of China. China, being one of the oldest countries, has so much culture and amazing history. In the museum we saw statues of their various Buddha’s, and a whole room filled with their currency they have had over the many years, but what I found most interesting was the room filled with the various gifts they have received from other countries. Each gift was beautiful and unique and represented the country is came from. For example, their was a beautiful marble statue of the Taj Mahal from india. My classmates and I browsed through all of them hoping to find gifts from our home country. I found three gifts from the United States, all of which were beautiful silver dishes, two of them given to China by the Clintons. It was so interesting to see who was giving the most gifts and what they were because they all tell a story of the countries relationship with China. The gifts ranged in size and made of numerous materials but each represented its “home country” in an incredible way. It really made me think and wonder, how do they classify this as a good gift for China, and what was the relationship with each country. This room was so fascinating to me and took up most of my time at the museum.

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OBJECTIVE: Advertising sales (magazine/online/television) for a company dedicated to excellent customer service.
„« Creative and highly enterprising self-starter.
„« Dynamic communication skills and a well-founded customer service background.
„« Accomplished sales, marketing, and advertising qualifications.
„« Distinctive verbal and writing skills.
„« Success in tracking business opportunities and marketing strategies to maximize growth and profitability

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