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Integrated Marketing Communications plan outline

Marketing is More Than a Buzz

An integrated marketing communication plan uses the same thematic message in different types of promotions. The idea behind the message remains consistent whether consumers see a magazine ad or the company's web page. An integrated marketing communication plan may leverage its multiple promotion sources. A print ad might direct consumers to enter a contest or sign up for personalized savings on a web site. Product packaging could play a role in an integrated marketing communications plan as well. This is often seen with rewards programs that allow consumers to "earn points" through purchases and participation in an online community.


Before you develop your message, you must determine to whom you're going to be communicating. One of the first steps in developing an integrated marketing communications plan is identifying the customer. A customer analysis determines what makes the target consumer unique. This includes demographic characteristics, such as age, education level, gender, income, and geographic location. Once you know who you're going to target, you'll also need to determine how you're going to reach your audience. An analysis identifies the media an audience is likely to use, including specific magazines, newspapers and television shows.


Once you determine who your customer is, you'll want to create a unique identity for your brand or company. The identity that you create will be more effective if it appeals to an important need or value. Creating a unique identity, or "positioning, " is important, because it distinguishes your product from the competition. The message in your integrated marketing communications plan will embody this unique identity. Another way to think of positioning is to equate it with your main selling point.

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OK, here's an outside-the-box suggestion. But I've seen it work before, so why not give it a shot?
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But for personal reasons I need to move back to the Bay Area asap. My S.O. has a major health problem and I need to be local.
I was wondering if there's anyone out there who might be interested in job swapping.
Position is Director of Marketing and Communications, looking for similar. Candidate needs about 10+ years of marketing/PR experience

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