Examples of Marketing Communications objectives / Marketing communications

Examples of Marketing Communications objectives

Not all traffic to your site is equalLooking for online marketing campaign goal and objective examples and ideas? Below are a few common goal and objective instances with some notes to help you get started with your Internet marketing campaign.

Increase Traffic = Increase Targeted Traffic

Traffic does not equal traffic. Your campaign’s goal is to get visitors to your site who actually care about what you offer and will want to be there. There is no sense in putting in time and effort to drive traffic to your site that will then bounce (come to a page of your site and leave without visiting any other pages of your site).

Increase Sales

Before you start putting effort into your off-site Internet marketing campaign (meaning activities not on your site but throughout the Internet; like link building, social media marketing, etc.), make sure you do some obvious but more often overlooked than you would believe housekeeping work on-site;

Increase sales through strategic online marketing
  • evaluate your site usability,
  • review/optimize the code,
  • make sure your information architecture (IA) is well organized and makes sense for your industry and users,
  • review conversion funnels for user-friendliness,
  • enact a standard for the content and voice,
  • make sure search engine optimization best practices are in place,
  • have a strong call to action, etc.

If your site’s usability is poor even the best planned and thought out marketing campaign can fail.

Become a Resource / Authority

How will you become a trusted resource in your industry? How will

you become a recognized thought leader? The answer is; build up your website and your company’s authority and trust, both on and off-site.

Increase Your Online Visibility

Just like in quantum physics, if nobody sees you, you do not exist. In the Internet world you do not exist if people can’t see/find you online. Set up specific goals on how, where, and what you want to be visible for online and then work hard on planning an online marketing campaign to achieve those goals. Having a just a website is not enough in today’s market so make sure to spread out your wings and strategically grow your digital footprint off-site.Become an authority online This should include setting up clear social media marketing objectives and goals; more on this below.

Establish Your Company in Local Search

Being found in local search is increasingly important. Even if you are a national or international brand, your market is a local segment in one or multiple locations. With blended search there are many opportunities to help your business be visible. Create a thorough plan for your local marketing campaign. Define your goals and targets, and work out a strong strategy for building up your local search presence by utilizing various platforms including, local listings and maps, news, review sites, social media, etc.

Establish Your Brand/Business in Social Media

Build up your social media presence and develop a strategy for integrating it into your marketing efforts. Social media is exciting and powerful but it needs a strong SEO foundation for ultimate effectiveness. And don’t forget; people are talking about you whether you are listening or not.

You should know what they are saying; it will help you develop strategies and tactics for your social media, SEO and other online marketing campaigns.

Increase your online visibility Competitive review and analysis are crucial

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I have a very good job with a great print/multimedia publishing company in a neat little, happening, somewhat alternative college town (outside CA - approx. 550 miles to SF).
But for personal reasons I need to move back to the Bay Area asap. My S.O. has a major health problem and I need to be local.
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