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marketing communicationHow can you develop reach and resonance across social, digital, cross generational or cultural boundaries? How do you build the communication mindset and skillset that helps you inspire the best in yourself, your people and your audience?

Developing a message that stands out starts with changing your communication playbook. The goal of a communication playbook is to drive:
Reach: Opening the ears, hearts and interest of your audience
Resonance: Trust, congruency, purpose
Results: Engagement, buy in-the human factor that makes communication work and grow

Here are eight ways to change and improve your communication playbook, while building reach, resonance and results.

1. Less Is More. Short is sweet. Shorter is sweeter.

The plethora of information thrown at as before we eat lunch is extraordinary. People have less time, less patience and shorter attention spans than ever before. Making your case, connecting words that create value for the other party means fewer words that have more meaning, more impact and create value. Think about what you want to say, and cut down your statement, your message to three or four strong words that you want to get across with impact, and build your statement accordingly.

2. It is not about YOU, it is about THEM.

The size of your company, your bank account, etc., have lost their shine. Forty years of relentless advertising, vacuous messages have made the 21st century consumer wary of pitches, big companies, shiny objects and messages that talk about your power and clout. Communication is about empowering them, their clout, and their power to resonate with your message. It is a message that talks about them and to them.

3. Ask the right questions and you will get the right answers.

Your focus is finding the common thread, the shared objectives and values that transcend the noise, the stress and any cultural, general boundaries before you. Your ability to develop a ME to WE focus by listening more and asking questions that help your audience share their values and objectives is the first step in building communication and developing messages that stand up and out.

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