Integrated Marketing Communications business plan / Marketing communications

Integrated Marketing Communications business plan

Integrated marketing communication plan blends essential components of marketing mix to promote brands effectively among end-users. Integrated marketing communication plan integrates various methods of marketing such as advertising, public relation, promotion through social networking sites and so on to create awareness of products and services among target audience. Brand communication methods instead of being used in isolation are all put together under one umbrella to increase the visibility of a particular brand and eventually yield higher profits for the organization.

Successful implementation of integrated marketing communication plan relies on clear understanding of target customers - specifically their needs and expectations. Remember, your product must exceed customer expectations for customers to stay loyal towards your brand. Know how your brand would benefit end-users. It is essential to integrate the various components of marketing mix effectively and sensibly for effective results. The blending needs to be done with utmost care. Example - If you are giving an advertisement in the newspaper, make sure the product details are also available on your company’s website, banners and hoardings are displayed at proper places and so on.

Make sure products are promoted simultaneously at multiple places. Marketing tactics, instead of being used in isolation, need to work in unison communicating the same message to the end-users. Integrated marketing communication plan needs to reflect similar strategies employed by organizations to promote their brands.

Make sure you assign fixed time and resources to implement integrated marketing communication plan. Marketers need to strive hard to implement integrated communication plans within the stipulated time frame with the budget allocated for the same. It is always advisable to focus on the best customers. Best customers are those who generate maximum revenues for the organization. Understand who all are the highest users of your brand (products and services)?

Let us understand this with the help of an example.

Nike shoes are a hit among college going students who prefer wearing them with jeans for a casual look. Professionals or office goers would prefer spending on formal shoes which they can wear daily to work. Nike instead of concentrating on mature professionals need to devise ways to promote the brand among individuals within age bracket of 16-23 years through integrated marketing communication plans. Brand can be promoted through print media, social networking sites, campaigns in schools and colleges, website and so on simultaneously.

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Today, successful companies build and maintain profitable and ethical relationships with customers and other stakeholders by controlling the messages and touch points with these groups. To grow customer relationships, it is essential to understand the customer's needs and wants, then promise and consistently deliver a meaningful and compelling brand experience that increases the value of the company and brand.
Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is the process for managing customer relationships that grow brand value.
Marketing communications builds awareness, preference, changing attitudes and ultimately behavior

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