Developing effective Marketing communication steps / Marketing communications

Developing effective Marketing communication steps

Email MarketingAre you creating a strong, growing contact database? How about keeping in touch with the contacts you currently have? If you’re not quite sure where your business stands on these two questions, then you may need some help with email marketing.

In this post, we are going to help you put together an effective email marketing campaign to grow your contact database and nurture your existing contacts for increased revenue.

What is Email Marketing?

As usual, we like to define the main term that we will be referencing throughout the article to ensure that we’re all on the same page. For this post, it’s email marketing.

Email marketing is…

…all about leveraging the speed and convenience of email to communicate important messages, updates, tips and promotions to recipients that have opted into receiving such messages.

Unfortunately a lot of spammers have abused email marketing. As a result, people are much more difficult to reach, let alone provoke a response or action from.

On the positive side, email clients have done a better job of catching and blocking spam and marketers are now forced to be much more creative in their approach to get their messages through….even to willing recipients.

Let’s take a look at how your business can put together an effective email marketing campaign in 10 simple steps.

Simple Steps to Successful Email Marketing

Email Marketing Template ExamplePerhaps due in part to the distaste that many people have acquired for email spam, email marketing has not received the attention that other online marketing strategies have garnered over recent years. You’re more likely to receive advice on search engine optimization or link building than you are on email marketing strategies.

Although we too find these other strategies to be extremely important in growing your online presence and generating business from your website, these strategies are still not as effective at nurturing the leads and customers you may already have.

To help you take advantage of an effective email marketing campaign we have put together the following list of simple, actionable steps to get you going.

10 Steps to Success

1. Select an Email Marketing Provider. The best thing we could tell you would be to do your homework, talk to and try different providers and go with the one that you click with the most. We’re not going to do that though as we know you’re probably not prepared to spend the time or money needed to do this. So, to make things a little easier we’d like to recommend any of the following providers to support your email marketing needs:

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