Barriers to effective Marketing Communications / Marketing communications

Barriers to effective Marketing Communications

mkt chart 1Personalization is a key theme in marketing right now. Yet marketers are facing many barriers to accomplishing personalized communications.

The verdict is in. Users want personalization. As a matter of fact, in a recent study J&C conducted among consumers, we found that 2 out of 3 customers prefer personalized communications.1 In this same study, consumers said they expect marketers to be specific in their communications.

Furthermore, we recently ran a test of an email personalized with specific customer information versus a slightly more general email. Personalized information drove a 36% higher click-through rate than the general email.

This isn’t surprising, as we know today that consumers and business decision makers demand a greater level of personalization than ever before. According to MarketSherpa, 69% of people state that they would exchange their data for better, more personalized service.

So what are the key challenges that marketers are facing? This chart identifies the key barriers marketers are currently facing in executing more personalized communications.

Insights and observations

Time and resources are the number-one barrier marketers identified as standing in the way of personalizing communications. Over half of respondents felt time and resources were the largest barrier to executing more personalized communications.

The second biggest barrier is difficulty in executing complex programs. It is interesting that marketers ranked this as their second biggest challenge. There is likely a correlation between marketers feeling like they don’t have time and resources to personalize communications and the perception that these communications will require complex execution.

Lack of data as well as lack of data mining and analytical resources were the 3rd and 4th largest barriers to executing personalized communications. Marketers may not realize that behaviorally based information is often at their fingertips and can be more powerful than applying outside information such as demographics.

Tips and recommendations

For years, marketers have realized that segmentation drives relevancy. But now people demand a higher level of personalization. They demand that communications be relevant at a segment level and that they include specifics about them, their interests and their behavior.

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