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SAIT Digital Marketing Communications

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The Digital Marketing Communications certificate of completion is available through Continuing Education (daytime seminars). Students will gain the skills and confidence they need to manage online marketing and social media activities for their business or organization.

These practical digital marketing and social media courses cover key topics such as search engine optimization or SEO, online advertising, social media tools, email marketing, mobile marketing and more. Students will gain useful skills they can apply in a variety of marketing and communications jobs, such as social media marketing managers, or for promoting their own business online.

Admission and Completion

There are no entrance requirements for this program. You can begin registering for courses anytime by clicking a course name in the below table. Once you have registered for at least one course and have a SAIT student id number, consider filling out and submitting the Program Declaration Form to Student Services. Contact information for Student Services is located in the upper corner of the form. You can take up to five years to complete all certificate courses and must meet the graduation requirements as they exist at the time that you register for the program's first course (see AC.3.1.1 Grading and Progression.)

Course Availability and Registration

These Marketing courses are available through Continuing Education as one- or two-day seminars. Courses are offered with January, May, and/or September start dates.

Registration for Fall course start dates opens in July. Registration for Winter courses opens in October. Registration for Spring courses opens in February. Online registration closes approximately one week before the course start date. You can register up to one business day before the start date by calling 403.284.7248 or 1.877.284.7248.

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Topic for research paper for Public Admin. class

by Pinskies

I am a student in the Masters of Public Administration program at George Mason University. One of my assignments for my summer class is to write a research paper on a topic that deals with any facet of the community, marketing and/or public relations within or relative to nonprofits. The paper must be 30 pages long and include 7 scholarly resources, such as journals, periodicals, or textbooks (not Web-based sources). I have to submit my topic by this Friday and begin my research this weekend to have the paper completed by July 22.
In a nutshell, the class readings focus on marketing concepts and communications issues of a nonprofit organization as they apply to the identification of its market, its ability to formulate a public image and reputation, and its capability to raise money and retain membership or volunteers

MERCURY DONATES MULTICOMPUTER SYSTEM TO OSU FOR RESEARCH.(Company Business and Marketing): An article from: Mainframe Computing
Book (Worldwide Videotex)

Digital Marketing Manager  — Emirates 24/7
Head of the overall Digital Marketing and Communications department. 15. Develop and deliver digital marketing strategies for all clients 16.

Shaker Heights approves new $120000 contract with LiefKarson Public Relations  — The Plain Dealer
The city has two full-time and two part-time employees in its marketing and communications department. Blank, the department's director, earns $90,000 a year, and administrative assistant Kim Golem earns more than $48,000 in full-time roles.