Media objectives Marketing Communications / Marketing communications

Media objectives Marketing Communications

8 Key Business Objectives and Benefits to Using Digital Media in the EnterpriseDigital media knows no boundaries. It is just as useful serving internal audiences as it is serving external audiences. Senior corporate executives and executives from virtually all departments and business units in enterprise organizations including communication, sales, IT, and human resources are leveraging digital media to improve employee training and internal corporate communications. In addition, the systems are used to extend the reach to other key target audiences such as affiliates, suppliers and strategic corporate partners.

Objectives & Benefits:

  1. Improved timeliness of information distribution;
  2. Improved efficiencies in employee productivity;
  3. Improved customer service, by providing timely and consistent information;
  4. Enhanced brand;
  5. Reduced employee turnover;
  6. Increased sales;
  7. Reduced costs by leveraging existing corporate video production facilities, tools and resources;
  8. Reduced costs and clutter by eliminating traditional posters.

It’s no longer a generational phenomenon. Employees of all ages and areas of responsibility are using digital media to acquire, view and interact with content. Even “baby boomers, ” the so-called “old-timers, ” are multi-tasking everywhere, including at work. As a result, the same tools and devices built for delivering communications and content to the consumer market are being used in the corporate space. This practice is referred to as BYOD or Bring Your Own Device.

Creating Content

Fortune 500 companies outsource production staffing companies like Crews Control for their video production services. They find it more cost-effective to utilize an entity such as Crews Control rather-than using their own resources to research and locate video crews or film crews around the world.

Discussed in the White Paper

For more in-depth information on the topic please feel free to download and read my White Paper on Employee Focused Digital Media where I explain how to leverage managed services to improve employee communication and training. The following is a list of topics discussed in the Employee Focused Digital Media White Paper:

  • Trends and Perspectives – Digital Media in Enterprise Organizations
  • Blended Media for Effective Communications
  • Relevant Employee Content and Information
  • Business Drivers and Benefits of Blended Communications
  • Tracking and Measuring Results – Actionable Intelligence
  • Managed Media Services Enhance Employee Communications
  • Successful Implementation of Blended Media

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I am a student in the Masters of Public Administration program at George Mason University. One of my assignments for my summer class is to write a research paper on a topic that deals with any facet of the community, marketing and/or public relations within or relative to nonprofits. The paper must be 30 pages long and include 7 scholarly resources, such as journals, periodicals, or textbooks (not Web-based sources). I have to submit my topic by this Friday and begin my research this weekend to have the paper completed by July 22.
In a nutshell, the class readings focus on marketing concepts and communications issues of a nonprofit organization as they apply to the identification of its market, its ability to formulate a public image and reputation, and its capability to raise money and retain membership or volunteers

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