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Marketing Communications tools and techniques

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Marketing professionals are trained to be experts in communication. They function as a kind of “middleman” between a company or a company’s image and the public perception of that company or its image. The role of a marketing professional is to shape that that image through the use of available communication techniques. Marketing professionals are different from sales representatives, in that the sales representatives sell the company’s products while the marketing professionals sell the company’s brand or image.

Step 1

Conduct market research. Market research is an essential part of the process of developing effective marketing communication techniques. A marketing professional cannot reach out successfully to potential customers unless he understands who the target audience is and how the target audience responds. For instance, fast food companies such as McDonald’s and Burger King completed marketing research that indicated the importance of the youth market to their business. As a result, these chains developed marketing communication techniques around this demographic to “speak the language” of their customers more effectively.

Step 2

Buy promotional products and host promotional events. Among communication techniques, promotional products and events can be an excellent way for marketing professionals to interact with the public and present new products or just feature the company’s strengths. What is more, everybody loves a freebie or a really good sale, so a promotional product or event is an opportunity to introduce the company or its products to those who would not have been inclined to purchase full-priced items from the company. And if the customer discovers an appreciation for the company or its products, the promotion has definitely done its job.

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