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Marketing Communications is Advertising

Nicole gasses up a planeShortly after graduating with an advertising diploma from Georgian College, Nicole quickly worked her way up in an advertising agency. Eventually, she decided to follow another passion – aviation. After gaining an aviation diploma and extensive piloting experience, she decided to combine both skill sets by creating Georgian Bay Airways with her husband Keith.

The seaplane company based in Parry Sound harbor caters to tourists. So far, Nicole and Keith have had 11 successful seasons, and grown the operations from six employees to 20, serving between 4, 000 to 8, 000 clients per year.

Nicole uses her Georgian education every day to help her niche business soar. She’s received awards and recognition for her contributions to aviation and has served as a business mentor under provincial and federal lending programs – often speaking to groups about trends, how they affect business, and how to capitalize on them.

She recently leveraged that experience to create a second business, SOS Media Solutions, offering training on social media, advertising and how to maximize potential.

Giving back to the community continues to be a priority for her and she makes time for a role as the vice president of the Parry Sound Chamber of Commerce as well as other community boards.

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PR/advertising/marketing jobs

by paternal_optimist

Funny, but the number of these kinds of jobs has been pretty much comparable in both SD and NYC in recent days.
Not that you can go by what Monster has...but it shows that SD is by no means an employment backwater, particularly in the communications field.
There are numerous advertising and marketing comm firms in the city and surrounding region.
SD, with its proximity to both Pacific Rim and Latin American markets, is a hot city for media professionals.
The key is to remain positive and upbeat. Don't succumb to negativity and pessimism.

Digital Marketing Manager  — Emirates 24/7
Head of the overall Digital Marketing and Communications department. 15. Develop and deliver digital marketing strategies for all clients 16.

Shaker Heights approves new $120000 contract with LiefKarson Public Relations  — The Plain Dealer
The city has two full-time and two part-time employees in its marketing and communications department. Blank, the department's director, earns $90,000 a year, and administrative assistant Kim Golem earns more than $48,000 in full-time roles.

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