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Nothing like reading a book in overstuffed chairAfter graduating from high school, I set about combing through course catalogs from local technical schools. I thought becoming an x-ray technician sounded fun. As luck would have it, a chiropractor in my small town was looking for an office assistant. I interviewed for the job, which I learned would include doing x-rays. Perfect, I’ll take it!

But then Dr. Scott looked closely at me and asked, “Why aren’t you going to college?” A bit flustered, I replied that I hadn’t been interested in going. To make a long story short, he refused to hire me. He said to give college one year, and if I didn’t like the experience, I could come home and he’d put me to work. A couple of months later, I was an eager freshman at Otterbein College (now Otterbein University).

I hadn’t prepared for college. The English classes in high school were very basic. They didn’t force me to think or to develop my own ideas, which the college’s Composition and Literature classes demanded.James Monroe - Book Designer The classes were difficult, but I enjoyed the challenge. I loved learning how to think critically and to express my thoughts and observations in writing.

Creative writing classes came next, which I adored. The crazier and more abstract my stories, the more my professor rewarded me with As. He nurtured me to stretch to the point of sounding ridiculous, even if I thought doing so was silly. Stretching is good for the writer’s soul.

Dr. Scott was right. I liked college. I loved college. I didn’t want to leave.

After graduation, rather than dealing with job-hunting, I went off to Spain with a friend, presumably to teach English classes in Madrid. That didn’t work out, the story of which I will write someday. Briefly, it involves living in a hotel in Segovia, limited agua caliente, vicious dogs, and a dangerous man. I returned to the States, packed up and moved to California — the land of fruits and nuts, where apparently I belonged.

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Financial/International Business?

by BleedItOut

I currently have about 56 credits for the communications associates degree I was trying to attain on a part time level. I have not been in school for about two years now after taking some good job opportunities at the time.
With the current state of jobs I am looking to head back to the classroom to continue my education. Would the fields of study such as Financial Services, International Business, or other Business and Marketing be a good choice?
Right now I work in advertising and feel getting a degree in one of these fields can only enhance a future employment opportunity. Thoughts?