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Management Marketing & Communications

The newly designed curriculum in Marketing Communication Management offers a way to acquire a valuable credential to enhance your skill set and qualifications while preparing for professional advancement. Available in an accelerated,convenient weekend format,the 36-credit curriculum can be completed in only 1 1/2 years and provides the broad-based,interdisciplinary knowledge and skill set essential for success in higher level marketing and communications roles in national and international organizations.

With its strong foundation in the principles and practices of marketing and public relations,and its focus on key bodies of knowledge such as social media,reputation management,innovation and growth,it treats the subject matter from a strategic perspective as opposed to a purely tactical or functional one. To accommodate a broader,more complex,and balanced discipline in the marketplace,the curriculum ranges from understanding consumers to providing them with innovative products and services to building brands and leading organizations.

The six required core courses (18 credits) represent the core competencies that you must be proficient in to succeed in today's highly competitive global business environment. The elective courses allow you to choose 5 courses (15 credits) that best match your specialized career goals. The program culminates in a final project (3 credits) that demonstrates your ability to conduct comprehensive,applied research and articulate original ideas and thought processes.

The MS in Marketing Communication Management program is ideal for individuals who want to upgrade and update their general business knowledge and leadership skills. Courses are taught with academic rigor by an outstanding faculty who are practicing leaders in their fields and exceptional educators who bring real-world experience and networking opportunities into the classroom.

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Yeh, couldn't resist.
It's difficult to believe that a person who YELLS in written communications would build, no less keep, business customers for very long.
Marketing is key, and marketing that pays off costs dearly. $15K is not a drop in the bucket. Please do tell us what 2-3 successful businesses you've started and marketed in this day and age with $15K.