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Internet and Digital Marketing Communications

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The emergence of digital marketing has created a huge opportunity for marketers. With online ad spend growing at 40% in 2008 and traditional consumer protection frameworks struggling to keep up with technology, digital marketing has come to be seen, often unfairly, as the ‘wild west’ of marketing. For this reason, digital marketing is increasingly attracting the attention of critics while losing consumer trust.

For many years offline advertising in Europe has been regulated by our own industry to ensure ads don’t mislead, don’t discriminate, don’t exploit, etc. This self-regulation (SR) is critical to defending our license to communicate effectively. It is proof of our shared commitment to responsible marketing whilst protecting an environment which enables innovative and effective communications.

We need to ensure that our self-regulatory measures are equally applicable and accountable within the digisphere and that our digital marketing communications is subject to the same checks and balances to ensure that we do not place messages in sites aimed at children under 12. We must also set in place independent, third party monitoring to audit our compliance in the digital arena.

These Guidelines for digital marketing communications are an integral part of our UNESDA Commitments on Responsible Marketing and EU Pledge Commitments. UNESDA recognizes that commercial digital communications on the internet play an increasingly important role in the marketing mix of our non-alcoholic beverage brands as a valuable and appropriate tool to reach out to consumers over the age of 12. These Guidelines therefore apply to all digital marketing communications media purchasing as well as all brand and corporate sites.

Like all digital based marketing activities, marketing communications on the internet represent an area that is still in an evolutionary development where new trends may occur rather rapidly. These Guidelines will therefore be reviewed continuously and, if and when necessary, adapted.

Digital marketing communications refers to the use of electronic commerce to advertise and / or market products.

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It's difficult to believe that a person who YELLS in written communications would build, no less keep, business customers for very long.
Marketing is key, and marketing that pays off costs dearly. $15K is not a drop in the bucket. Please do tell us what 2-3 successful businesses you've started and marketed in this day and age with $15K.