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Integrated Marketing Communications plans

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What I Do:

"I Help Startup Companies Plan, Strategize, Fund And Implement Their Vision By Becoming A Virtual, Part-Time, Interim Executive Of Their Company."

::: Realistic creation and hands-on implementation of strategic and tactical action plans for startup and emerging companies.

::: Often serving as an interim or part time Consultant / Virtual CEO / Virtual COO / Virtual Executive for startup companies.

::: Best selling author.

Who I Help

I help entrepreneurs and startup companies identify the best path to get from their current Point A to their vision's Point B while helping them avoid or slay many of the lethal dragons that get in the way of success.

Some Of My Primary Services

::: Chief ImpleMentor - Mentoring and Implementation For the Startup and Emerging Company :::

What is your start up or emerging company's constraint to growth? Or, if you haven't yet started your startup, what is your constraint to starting?

To date, my company, Ceo Resource LLC, has already helped, on a one-on-one basis, THOUSANDS of diverse startup and emerging companies and their CEOs in 49 of the 50 states in nearly four dozen countries on six of the seven continents with their business planning, strategy and tactics, action planning, problem solving, fundraising, dragon slaying and plan implementation.

Key services I provide my clients include:

::: Virtual CEO / Virtual COO and Virtual Executive Services
::: Strategic and Tactical Planning For Start Up Companies
::: Fundraising Service For Finding Angel Investor Capital
::: Business Plans, Planning and Realistic Implementation
::: Real Estate Consulting Services, Including VCOO Service
::: Hourly and Project Based Consulting
::: Other Services For Start Up And Emerging Companies

How can I best help you with YOUR start up or emerging company's success?

Robert Lee Goodman, MBA
Ceo & Chief ImpleMentor

Funding Foreplay – The Book

Romance and Seduce Investors For Your Startup Company

Amazon #1 Bestseller!

Funding Foreplay is a easy "how to" training course that teaches startup company CEOs how to properly prepare and present the dozen documents you must have to successfully romance and seduce angel investors and VC to invest in your company.

I have condensed and distilled down what is required for funding foreplay - techniques that have taken me three decades to acquire and fine tune with real companies and real deals.

Techniques that I used to raise over $25 million for my own companies.

The future of your new company depends on your success of raising investor capital.

Get "Funding Foreplay - The Book" today - so you can start successfully raising your capital - before it's too late.

Now Available at Amazon for the Kindle. "Get $5, 000 worth of consulting for under $10" - Click the book cover to order!

101 Pivotal Questions About YOUR Startup Company

101 Pivotal Questions About Your Startup Company

Before you are ready to produce a meaningful business plan for your startup or emerging company, you need to have thought through a series of pivotal issues in order to end up with a realistic plan for implementation.

Get "101 Pivotal Questions About Your Startup Company" today - so you can start knowing your answers by tomorrow.

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Yeh, couldn't resist.
It's difficult to believe that a person who YELLS in written communications would build, no less keep, business customers for very long.
Marketing is key, and marketing that pays off costs dearly. $15K is not a drop in the bucket. Please do tell us what 2-3 successful businesses you've started and marketed in this day and age with $15K.