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Effective Marketing Communications plan

Enrollment_by_SectorThe trends have continued in recent years, too. The latest data from the National Clearinghouse show that, between 2011-13, enrollments have increased slightly at four-year private colleges and universities, remained relatively flat at four-year public campuses, and declined at two-year public institutions.

The pundits had predicted that students/families would turn away from the more expensive option of private education for public post-secondary institutions, and for some students to enroll at two-year institutions at a higher rate. Interestingly, no real shift occurred, as the above graphs indicate.Enrollment_by_Control What does this begin to tell us? For one, families are willing to sacrifice for their child’s college education, even if it means choosing private over public, or public four-year over two-year. In no way is this meant to state that one institution type is better than another, but it does show that the impact of perceived value that families place on postsecondary institutions stays true even through a period of extreme economic distress.

What prospective students and their families value in a college education

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It's easy to learn, but difficult to apply

by SDSUgrl

Marketing in itself is a very basic concept. You take what you are given (whether it be a product or service) and be able to develop and implement your marketing plan through communication and sales objectives that will in turn increase your ROI.
There are many fields in marketing such as the known advertising and promotions. But there are others such as marketing research (involving statistics...which is not an easy major by all means), measuring effectivness through trial and errors, sales, integrated marketing communications, etc.
Because there is no such way to determine if say, advertising has a direct effect on sales, it is difficult to pin point a company's most effective strategy when marketing a good/service

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