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Across all demographics, voice is still the primary communication channel used, but is quickly followed by self-service channels, and digital channels like chat and email. Channel usage rates are also quickly changing: we’ve seen a 12% rise in web self-service usage, a 24% rise in chat usage, and a 25% increase in community usage for customer service in the past three years. Expect customer service organizations to better align their channel strategy this year to support their company’s customers’ needs. Expect them to also work on guiding customers to the right channel based on the complexity and time sensitivity of interactions.

Trend 2: Mobile Solutions Are Becoming A Must-Have

Customer service mobile applications remain nascent as more companies focus on their mobile marketing, sales, and eCommerce mobility strategies. Expect companies this year to better align their mobile strategies, technology investments and user experiences across functional groups like marketing, customer service, eCommerce, and IT for consistent experiences. More companies will move away from duplicating their web presence for their mobile offering and will focus on deploying the right usage scenarios that add value to customers in a mobile environment, with focused user experiences that allow tasks to be efficiently accomplished.

Trend 3: Agile Service Is Becoming More Important Than Multichannel Service

Customers expect service to be agile — that is, being able to start an interaction in one communication channel or touchpoint and complete it in another. Each interaction should convey consistent and personalized data and contextual knowledge and information to the customer. Expect companies to continue to work on breaking down communication silos within and outside of customer service and standardizing the resolution process and customer service experience across communication channels and touchpoints.

Trend 4: Customers Expect Proactive Outbound Communication

Our latest Forrsights Networks And Telecommunications Survey shows that 29% of enterprises are currently investing in proactive outbound communications. We predict that the range of channels for proactive outbound will increase, and will include service alerts, workarounds, customized cross-sell and upsell offers, and new knowledge base content. More powerful smartphones and increased bandwidth will allow proactive outbound applications to use rich media with embedded links to improve the user experience. Outbound communications technology will also be more deeply integrated into the contact to support closed-loop scenarios where customers want connect to an agent after receiving a message.

Trend 5: Voice Of The Customer Programs Are Operationalizing Insights

In 2012, Forrester saw more companies adopt voice of the customer (VoC) programs (68% versus just 55% last year). However, companies struggled to distribute the analyzed data and act on pertinent feedback to deliver quantifiable business value. Expect companies to leverage VoC data on two fronts this year: (1) better focus on end-to-end feedback processes to deliver the right insights to the right organizations and (2) use of customer feedback as a direct measure of operational success.

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Career Objective
To utilize and further advance my understanding and application of marketing research with my analytical, writing, and technical abilities.
Productive team member with superior verbal communications and customer service skills. Competent in analysis, diagnosis, solution discovery and implementation. Interests are far and wide with concentration in Automotive, Wireless, and IT Industries.
Professional Experience
J.D. Power and Associates/McGraw-Hill Companies –
Automotive Analyst/Consultant. Orange, CA October 2004 – April 2005
• Assisted in projects that were awarded to the Automotive Retail Practice Group and were executed in a manner
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