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I have been a thought leader in shaping digital engagement for all kinds of companies: non-profit organizations, small business, and large business. And everywhere I have gone and with every challenge, I have found success on every level.

As an entrepreneur, I helped small business grow and take off by shaping their product placement online, and using the power of the social internet and videos to deliver results. In the non-profit world, I was able to relaunch brands and deliver greater transparency between the organization and community online, resulting in more donor engagement, lower costs, and increased sales. In the private sector, I have been a brand champion by increasing revenue through inbound marketing leadership, including brand management, content strategy, social media engagement, and public relations management. Everything I've done lead down the path to increased leads and sales through a better connected internet.

The future of inbound marketing, online engagement, interactive media, and social customer management is ours to shape. Potential is everywhere we choose to look for it at. I am helping the companies that I serve find that success across mediums, by bridging the gap between your key demographic, and the products and services that can better improve their lives.

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Career Objective
To utilize and further advance my understanding and application of marketing research with my analytical, writing, and technical abilities.
Productive team member with superior verbal communications and customer service skills. Competent in analysis, diagnosis, solution discovery and implementation. Interests are far and wide with concentration in Automotive, Wireless, and IT Industries.
Professional Experience
J.D. Power and Associates/McGraw-Hill Companies –
Automotive Analyst/Consultant. Orange, CA October 2004 – April 2005
• Assisted in projects that were awarded to the Automotive Retail Practice Group and were executed in a manner
that exceeds client expectations

International TV dominated NATPE; domestic topics heated it up. (National Assn of Television Program Executives): An article from: Video Age International
Book (TV Trade Media, Inc.)
NSFRE advanced certification program is under way! (National Society of Fund Raising Executives): An article from: Fund Raising Management
Book (Hoke Communications, Inc.)