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How to create a water-tight email marketing strategy for building customer loyalty

  • For some organizations it can be the bald metric of how frequently their customers do business with them.
  • For others, such as online retailers, it is also a measure of how often customers share favourable reviews or feedback on the organization or brand.

However you define and measure customer loyalty Customer satisfaction vs. loyalty

At the heart of any loyalty-driving campaign lies the need to raise customer satisfaction levels.

Ten steps to building customer loyalty

  • Step 1. Gain senior management and cross-business commitment to raising customer satisfaction across the enterprise.

NPSFocus on the channel that lets you build intimacy. One of the most effective uses of email communications is to build customer intimacy, trust and satisfaction.

These are the critical factors for creating loyalty, support, and ultimately advocacy from your customer base. And the rise of the smartphone is only helping to make that email-reader relationship more intimate:

  • Step 2. Measure and benchmark your customer advocacy levels

Using the intimacy and personalisation of email marketing to leverage customer satisfaction into customer advocacy should be a key strategic focus in your loyalty building strategy.

Whether measured through standard metrics or analysis of customer reviews and social media sentiment, advocacy is the Holy Grail of online relationships.

customerexperiencegartnerIndustry standard Net Promoter Score calculates the overall percentage of customers who would recommend, or promote, your business.

As the graphic shows, the best way to gauge the efficiency of a company’s growth engine is to take the percentage of customers who are promoters and subtract the percentage who are detractors. This equation is how we calculate a Net Promoter Score for a company.

  • Step 3. Build a clear picture and profile of your loyal customers

To effectively talk with, engage and nurture existing and potential loyal customers, you need to have a crystal clear picture of what a loyal customer of your business looks like.

automatetheconversationNot just in demographic terms, but in terms of the rich vein of information that can be mined about their purchasing patterns, engagement with email marketing and social media, their browsing patterns and propensities, and their preferences and choices online.

  • Step 4. Build the conversation

When you are using email to build loyalty it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal is to turn customers into advocates, and the best way to achieve this is by giving them a high-quality experience; across your products, your service and your messaging.

Loyal customers expect preferential treatment, for example:

  • Loyalty-building ‘added value’ content
  • Customer-exclusive offers and promotions
  • VIP service
  • Exclusive previews of new product ranges, lines, styles, features, etc.
  • Invitations to competitions and prize draws
  • Engagement-building User Generated Content
  • Invitations to events
  • Refer-a-friend program
  • Renewal program
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